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Catalyzing Growth in Nigeria through Regional Innovation

As one of sub-Saharan Africa’s largest economies, including a very young population, the growth potential Nigeria is immense. However, despite experiencing a sustained period of economic growth in the last decade, the country has yet to see a consistent increase in job growth – approximately 50% of non-student youth are unemployed or only vulnerably employed. To address this challenge, the Job Creation Unit (JCU) within the Presidency undertook a multi-sectoral analysis across Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones to identify specific clusters of economic activity that could be targeted to stimulate job creation.

The outcome of this effort was the development of a strategic framework for job creation & youth employment[1] for the 2016 – 2018 horizon which anchored the country’s strategy for job creation on four sectors, (i) Agro-allied industries, (ii) Wholesale and retail trade, (iii) Construction and (iv) Information & Communications Technology (ICT). This engagement aims to build on the JCU report, specifically analyzing how innovation can drive economic growth across Nigeria’s geopolitical zones, leveraging the concept of innovation hubs.

Catalysing Growth in Nigeria through Regional Innovation

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