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Event Report on Resolving the Apapa Gridlock

Apapa gridlock is an existential problem for the country. The poor quality of port access roads, complex port procedures, and ineffective truck call-up system in the Apapa area, among other factors, continue to lead to delays and inefficiencies, with huge costs to the economy. In addition, its impact on the community is unbearable and has resulted in a reduction in property valuation as well as environmental and health hazards.
To this end, the Enabling Business Environment Secretariat (EBES) in partnership with UKAID put together a one-day forum to dissect the issues surrounding the gridlock and develop an actionable blueprint to tackle the identified challenges. Several key stakeholders were invited to provide suggestions in tackling the gridlock situation; identify their roles and responsibilities and hold each other accountable in the course of implementation.

Read the full report here;

190506Apapa Gridlock dialogue report vs 0.1 (TO)

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This post was created at: 08 May , 2019 | posted in Event Reports

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