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Story of Change- Improving Communications of the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority(NSIA)

UK Aid’s support towards the establishment of NSIA commenced in April 2010 under PAK, (predecessor programme to PDF) through two long-term placements (finance and legal) in the Federal Ministry of Finance. The support was extended to November 2011 to ensure the successful operational launch of the NSIA – with emphasis on promoting successful operations in line with the NSIA Act 2011. The NSIA was successfully established in May 2011. Its main objectives include, building a savings base for the Nigerian people, enhancing the development of infrastructure, providing stabilisation support at times of economic stress, and carrying such other matters as may be related to its objectives. To access the Story of Change brought about by the support from UK Aid through PDF II please click the link here Improving Communications of the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA)

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