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Made in Aba Policy Brief

Despite various policies and programs initiated to diversify the economy from oil dependence, Nigeria’s non-oil exports remain very low constituting an average of about 7.75% of total exports between 2001 and 2016 posting as low as 4% in 2016. Despite the low level of non-oil exports, however, there are some traditional industrial structures with enormous potentials for industrial and trade growth. One of which is Aba Industrial City (AIC), a known hub for garment and leather productions among other business potentials. The garment clusters are located in the Aba city centre, with two sub-clusters and the Ekeoha Shopping Centre cluster. The leather clusters are located in the Ariaria Market and it consists of four groups with three involved in production of shoes and the fourth in production of bags. Aba garment and leather clusters provides approximately 25,000 direct employment with a projection of more across supporting industries. Download the full Policy Brief below.

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