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          In this assessment, examination of the intermediate channels suggests that the main effect of the program is enabling firms to buy more capital and hire more workers, with little impact on business practices, mentoring or networking.

          Implementing green bonds

          Obinna Ugochukwu, a PDF II Climate Finance Adviser attached to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Finance, discusses his role planning and implementing Nigeria’s Green Bond Initiative.

          Improving cancer treatment

          PDF II efforts to improve the competency and credibility of the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) generated additional funds to invest in critical development projects – including the NSIA-LUTH Cancer Centre.

          Improving government accountability

          Dr. Greg Ezeilo, Adviser to the Pubic Accounts Committee of the House of Representatives, talks about his efforts to clear the backlog of PAC reports which had not been published for 10 years.

          Improving Nigeria’s Non-oil Exports: Aba Industrial City

          Aba Industrial City is an aggregation of thousands of MSMEs and mass producers of industrial goods including garment and leather products. If properly harnessed, the mass production capacities of component clusters of AIC and similar models are capable of positioning Nigeria at a competitive advantage in the global garment and leather industrial space. In 2016, the Textile, Apparel, and Footwear sector contributed N2 trillion ($6.6 billion), approximately 2% of Nigeria’s total GDP, to Nigeria’s economy.