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Supplying power to education institutions

Anita Otubu, embedded within the Rural Electrification Agency, discuses her role as Head of the Energizing Education Programme, an initiative set up to provide a reliable, affordable and sustainable power supply to universities and teaching hospitals.

Supporting innovation

Ifeoluwa Adebayo, Special Assistant on Innovation and Entrepreneurship to the Nigerian Vice President, discusses his efforts to pull together government resources and support innovation across Nigeria beyond Lagos and Abuja.

Supporting the reintegration of IDPs

Mohammed Brimah, Special Assistant to the President on Internally Displaced Persons and Social Investments, talks about the assistance he provided to enhance the reconstruction, rehabilitation and reintegration of communities impacted by the insurgency in Nigeria’s North East.

Transforming Nigeria’s agricultural sector

Andrew Kwasari, Senior Technical Adviser, embedded within the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to support the Minister of Agriculture, discusses the policy and project management assistance he provided to advance Nigeria’s agricultural transformation agenda.

Transitioning towards a knowledge economy

The Office of the Vice President has played a critical role supporting Nigeria’s transition towards a knowledge economy and has enhanced policy coordination and mobilised actors within government around national economic goals.