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Non-oil exporters dialogue on trade (Forum 3)

This event report summarises the third of a series of forums aimed at improving access to finance for non-oil exporters in Nigeria. It discusses the Africa Continental Free Trade Area Agreement, trade policy negotiations and the trade policy environment in Nigeria, as well as financing options for exporters and steps to develop non-oil exports in Nigeria.

Policy Brief: Mapping of Exporter Experience in Non-Oil Export Sector in Nigeria

Business environment reform is a key driver of economic diversification and inclusive growth. The Nigerian government took a decisive step in this direction by rolling out executive orders (EOs) on ease of doing business on 18 May 2017. The Orders were targeted at repositioning Nigeria in the global non-oil economy through the improved capacity for competitive non-oil export. Against this background, PDF II funded a mapping of non-oil exporters was carried out and deliberately focused on MSMEs due to their importance to the government’s efforts to diversify the productive base of the economy.

Promoting inclusive trade policies

Titilope Ojo, Lead for the Trade Policy Workstream, discusses her role in the development of inclusive trade policies that reflected the demands and needs of previously marginalised voices.

Raising Finance For Your Export Business

This training addresses the knowledge and skill gaps in accessing the export market. PDF Bridge through this contributes to the vision to grow Nigeria’s non-oil export to an average of 20% of total export by the year 2030.

Rebuilding Nigeria’s Economy through Non-Oil Exports: A Strategic Imperative

The Non-Oil Export Community of Practice became the vehicle through which exporter voices became heard and grew in strength and in numbers. By the end of the PDF II program, the Community of Practice was formalised into a registered Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) called the ‘Network of Practicing Non-Oil Exporters of Nigeria (NPNEN)’ to continue the efforts initiated during the PDF II. NPNEN was set up as an umbrella platform for collaboration among the different actors in Nigeria’s non-oil export value chain. NPNEN convened its major flagship event, the annual Non-oil Export Conference, Exhibition and Awards (NECEA) which is also a vehicle for actualizing its objectives.
The 2021 NECEA brought together critical stakeholders in the non-oil sector including top officials of government, civil society, private sector, the media, and academia to dialogue on how to refocus the country’s non-oil sector, for more effective participation in global trade, especially within the framework of the recently operationalized African Continental Free Trade Agreement. Given also the current state of Nigeria’s economy as evident in the downward spiraling of the Naira, there is certainly a need to revitalize the economy primarily through non-oil exports. The NECEA was a good medium to beam the spotlight on the alternative to oil as the mainstay of the economy.