Here you will find tools developed during the course of our work or tools developed by stakeholders. Each title may be followed by a brief excerpt of several words; you can click on the Read more button to read a longer excerpt and download a copy of the tool.

SPARC Public Service Reform Suite

July 21, 2016 | posted in Tools
Public service reform is about improving the ways that public services work, so that governments can deliver better services to citizens. The SPARC Public Service Reform Suite is comprised of the following: Corporate Planning Guidance Pack Human Resources Management Resource Suite. You can read the complete document on the SPARC website.[..]Read more...

PFM Suite Overview

July 21, 2016 | posted in Tools
The Public Financial Management (PFM) Suite pulls together various tools and guides, prepared by SPARC, to support key activities of the medium term budget cycle. These include: Forecasting resource envelopes and sector ceilings (both within State and Local Governments); Determining sector allocations (based on political priorities which are set out in the States Development Plan [..]Read more...

SPARC Planning Suite

July 21, 2016 | posted in Tools
SPARC has produced four Policy and Strategy Guides to improve the impact of state government efforts to deliver public goods and services in order to improve the welfare of citizens. SPARC has also produced an accompanying popular guide that provides high level information about the planning process at the State level.The four guides are: [..]Read more...
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