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Short report on YouWin long-term follow-up

This short note reports results from a survey taken in 2016 of individuals who applied in 2011 to
the first round of the YouWiN! business plan competition. These individuals had been previously
interviewed in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and the data used to estimate the impact of winning the
competition over this time horizon. The new data enable longer-term impacts to be measured,
although these impacts occur during a year where the Nigerian economy entered into recession,
exchange rate restrictions were in place, and inflation had risen. The note shows that YouWiN!
continues to have significant impacts five years after application and three years after all funding
was received. Winning applicants are more likely to be operating a firm, have more employees,
are more likely to have registered as a limited liability company, and are more likely to have a
functioning website than similar firms that were not selected as winners. Overall, there are an
estimated 4,239 jobs in 2016 attributable to the impact of winning the competition in the first
round. The last section of the note discusses the challenges firms faced in operating in 2016,
highlighting lower demand and rising input prices as key constraints to firm growth.

Please click on the link to access the full report ReportonLongTermFollowup vs 0.1

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