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Innovation Hubs Report- Abridged Version

The information communication technology (ICT) sector in Nigeria has experienced rapid growth over the past 15 years, yet the development in leveraging ICT has been uneven across different regions in the country. Technology is an integral part of a thriving innovation ecosystem, serving both as an input (e.g., creating access to information and resources) and an output (e.g., new business models, products, and services). In Nigeria, the push for technology adoption varies significantly from one state to the next, driven by disparities in available talent, understanding of innovation,
infrastructure, and government priorities.

Innovation hubs can act as a mechanism for catalyzing regional innovation and job growth. In addition to serving as a platform for key actors to network and collaborate, an innovation hub can act as a rallying point for the development of the innovation ecosystem. This report aims to assess the current innovation ecosystem across Nigeria and recommend design principles for innovation hubs to be developed regionally in the short and medium term.

Please click on the link to access the full report Regional Innovation Hubs vF

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