How to use this resource centre

The PDF resource centre has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. It has both search and filter options, so that you can easily find resources of interest to you. For more information on how to use the resource centre, watch the tutorial below or read the instructions detailed underneath the video.


Type text into the ‘search’ box to search within documents for specific words or phrases.


Alternatively, you can search for resources by selecting one or multiple filters, allowing you to search by ‘resource type’, ‘sector’, and ‘year’ published.

You can also use both the search and filter options together to refine your search further.

The ‘clear search’ button will clear all previous search terms and filters, and take you back to the homepage where all of the resources are listed.

Viewing resources

For each resource featured on the homepage of the resource centre, there is an option to ‘read more’, ‘open resource’ or ‘download resource’. Selecting ‘read more’ will open a page that explains more about the content of the chosen resource. Opening a resource will open the file in a new window of your browser. Downloading the resource will download the resource to your computer or mobile phone, allowing you to read it offline.

Associated resources

Some of the resources relate to, or are referenced in, another resource. When you click to ‘read more’, associated resources are featured at the bottom of the page.