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Developing inclusive trade policies

Titilope Ojo, Lead for the Trade Policy Workstream, discusses her role in the development of inclusive trade policies that reflected the demands and needs of previously marginalised voices.

Engagement with the legislature

Dr. Dapo Oyewole and Dr. Greg Ezeilo, PDF Bridge Technical Advisors appointed to support the Office of the Speaker and the Public Accounts Committee of the House of Representatives respectively discuss their contributions to pro-poor policies.

Enhancing national planning

Nabila Aguele, a PDF II adviser attached to the Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, discusses her efforts to improve performance management and development cooperation.

Exploring Export Business Opportunities in the Post COVID Era

The Network of Practicing Non-Oil Exporters of Nigeria (NPNEN) collaborated with PDF Bridge to bring a 90-minutes training on ‘Exploring Export Business Opportunities in the Post-COVID Era’. This training was delivered by Mr. Bamidele Ayemibo, a trustee of NPEN and an International Trade Expert.

Implementing green bonds

Obinna Ugochukwu, a PDF II Climate Finance Adviser attached to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Finance, discusses his role planning and implementing Nigeria’s Green Bond Initiative.

Improving cancer treatment

PDF II efforts to improve the competency and credibility of the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) generated additional funds to invest in critical development projects – including the NSIA-LUTH Cancer Centre.

Improving government accountability

Dr. Greg Ezeilo, Adviser to the Pubic Accounts Committee of the House of Representatives, talks about his efforts to clear the backlog of PAC reports which had not been published for 10 years.

Improving Trade Policies in Nigeria

Crude oil prices took a deep plunge in April 2020 with Brent Crude dropping below $20 per barrel. With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and crashing oil prices, the need for Nigeria to be less reliant on oil becomes more glaring. The Policy Development Facility Bridge programme’s Trade Policy Workstream (TRD) has been supporting the growth of the non-oil export sector since its predecessor programme Policy Development Facility II (PDF II). The support is a two-pronged approach that is targeted at increasing the number of export-ready MSMEs in the non-oil export trade. This approach explores enabling the identified underrepresented export-oriented voices in economic policy and strengthening the sustainable participation of exporter groups. Listen to the changes that have occurred.