Capacity Building for Banks and DFIs

To get MSMEs actively involved on the exporters’ value chain, ‘before the border’ and ‘beyond the border’ issues must be addressed and resolved. Currently, there have been threats to reaching inclusive solutions as most MSME voices are either underrepresented or hijacked by a few. In this regard, PDF II steps in with its balanced approach focused on the building blocks of long-term trade policy by strengthening alternative (or under-represented) voices that can feed into the policy process. It is in this regard that PDF II held a two-day capacity building training themed: “Capacity Building for Banks and DFIs”. This is designed to explore access to finance challenges, awareness campaigns and opportunities that non-oil exporters face with banks in accessing finance. The capacity building covered topics such as Export Industry Regulations and Documentations, payment methods and trade finance instruments, Handling export finance options, managing export risks, understanding the franchising potential etc.

Resource type: Training Materials
Sector: Trade and investment
Year: 2019

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