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Youth Employment Summit Report

Job creation has been a central theme in the policies of every administration from as far back as 1979. In recent times, several intervention programmes have been initiated by government in order to ameliorate the malaise of youth unemployment. Government has also created an enabling environment for the private sector to drive economic activities that will in turn create jobs. Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YouWiN!) is an example of an initiative which involves partnership of government, private sector and donor agencies. It is imperative to note that not all the initiatives (from 1979 – 2015) have been ineffective due mainly to policy U-turns and lack of continuity by successive government.1 The new government has emphasised its commitment to employment and inclusive growth, which will focus on diversification, including agriculture and manufacturing. In the new APC government’s manifesto, it promises in its Strategic Change Promise (2) to; “create gainful employment for young people and enhance their contribution to economic and national development”. Strategic Change Promise 3 goes further to highlight that it will develop agriculture and strengthen its contribution to economic growth, job creation and rural development.

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This post was created at: 31 May , 2016 | posted in Event Reports

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