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A Roundtable Event on the Diversification Study and Non-Oil Export Opportunities for Nigerian States Post-Covid-19

The Policy Development Facility Bridge program (PDF Bridge) held a Trade Policy Roundtable to discuss the findings and recommendations from its recent study titled “Diversification and Non-oil Export Opportunities for Nigerian States Post-Covid19”.

The objectives of the policy roundtable were;

  1. To provide a forum for relevant stakeholders to learn about and discuss the findings from the Export Diversification study;
  2. Through discussions, generate recommendations on necessary actionable steps towards reforms, process restructuring, elimination of various challenges identified in the study, and implementation of the study recommendations.

Lifting 100 Million Nigerians out of Poverty

The Policy Development Facility Bridge programme’s Trade Policy Workstream (TRD) has been supporting the growth of the non-oil export sector since its predecessor programme Policy Development Facility II (PDF II) by enabling underrepresented export-oriented voices in economic policy and strengthening the sustainable participation of exporter groups.

One of the many ways TRD is addressing this is through an innovative trade mentorship programme. The programme is connecting non-oil export potentials with experienced mentors who have practical regulatory, sourcing, shipping, marketing, and export financing knowledge. The mentors will handhold the mentees helping them escape the initial pitfalls that plague inexperienced exporters. The programme began on November 18, 2020 and currently has 7 mentors and 17 active mentees.

PDF Bridge Advisors leveraged evidence from research conducted by PDF Bridge in contributing to the development of an Economic Sustainability Plan (ESP) which focuses on a post-covid19 economy recovery targeting retention of existing jobs, creating new jobs, levering digital skills to export services, and advocating for interventions which seek to de-risk the environment.

MSME Aggregation and Growth Study

Micro Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises (MSMEs) are integral to the stimulation of developing economies as exploiting the full capabilities of MSMEs will improve trade competitiveness aimed towards achieving the objectives of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). PDF Bridge Programme recognises the role that MSMEs can play in the implementation of the AfCFTA; and is supporting the National Action Committee of the AfCFTA Secretariat by funding this study.