Development of AfCFTA Strategy and Implementation Plan

This report documents the strategic plan for the implementation of the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) by Nigeria following a diagnostic review of the prevailing trade ecosystem including the participants (traders and service providers), the regulating agencies, prevailing policies, and processes as well as the level of regional integration.
Results and findings of various relevant studies have been curated into an actionable strategic plan for the development of the products and service sectors in Nigeria, an efficient trade system and process, and a seamless implementation plan with easy monitoring and evaluation framework to aid the Federal Government of Nigeria as trading commences under AfCFTA and subsequently the phase II negotiations of the agreement.
The recommendation also aims to chart a pathway for Nigeria to reap the anticipated benefits of AfCFTA, which comes largely via access to the vast African market, while mitigating the negative externalities of open trade on its local economy.
This work was commissioned by the PDF Bridge Programme for use by the Beneficiaries, in particular, the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment as a key Policymaker on trade in Nigeria. It is expected that this report will provide current and actionable recommendations that will support the FMITI, NOTN, other Federal MDAs, States and private sector participants in the successful implementation of the AfCFTA and overall drive towards sustainable economic growth.

Resource type: Report
Sector: Cross-cutting, Trade and investment
Year: 2021

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Number of pages: 222

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