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Report of Baseline Study on Lagoon Fishing in Nigeria

This is the report of the study on improving livelihood of fishing folks in Ogun State. The field
work spanned through 15 days from 11 – 25 August, 2016 and covered four fishing communities,Iwopin, Oni, Makun-Omi and Agbalegiyo in Ogun Water Side Local Government Area withhead quarter at Abigi. The local government is the only area in the state with coastline andwell-endowed river networks and a large expanse of exclusive ocean waters for
commercial fishing. However, the study shows that the fish value chains within the area
are not yet developed to meet international market requirements. The species caught
include catfish (Clarias gariepinus), tilapias, korowo (Parachanna obscura), mullets (Mugil
cephalus) and gymnarchus. Other fish caught were simply identified by local names like
obokun (Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus), eshun (Sphraena piscartorum), shugbon (Elops lacerta)
and aika (Heterotis niloticus).

The aim of this study is to understand the market system around sea fishing in Ogun
State, key constraints and how the livelihoods for poor fisherman could be sustainably
improved using an M4P approach

Click here to download Baseline Study Lagoon Fishing Ogun State (037 MoF CE)

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