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Delivering off-grid energy solutions to small business

The Energizing Economies Initiative ensures a clean, reliable and affordable off-grid energy solution to small and medium-sized enterprises operating within strategic economic clusters such as markets, shopping complexes and agricultural and industrial facilities.

Developing inclusive trade policies

Titilope Ojo, Lead for the Trade Policy Workstream, discusses her role in the development of inclusive trade policies that reflected the demands and needs of previously marginalised voices.

Diversifying towards non-oil exports in Nigeria

The study ‘Diversification and Non-Oil Export Opportunities for Nigerian States Post-COVID-19’ was commissioned by the NEPC through the Policy Development Facility (PDF) Bridge Programme for use by the public and private sector stakeholders. Ernst & Young conducted a market analysis on six prioritised products from the Zero Oil Initiative and provided strategic recommendations.

PDF Bridge has now developed a policy brief for stakeholders to highlight the key issues and recommendations. The full study can be accessed here.