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Study to Maximise Women’s Participation and Chances of Success in Youth Enterprise with Innovation (YouWiN!) Business Plan Competition Programme

This is a study carried out to provide the management of YouWiN  with an improved approach they can adopt to encourage women’s participation in the business plan competition. It was conducted in 2012 with the support of FCDO (formerly DFID). Based on the findings and lessons from the study, recommendations were made for consideration by the management of the YouWiN programme to increase the number of women participating, winning grants and running sustainable businesses under the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria Programme (YouWiN!)

Support to the Presidential Committee on Port Reform, Lagos Draft Final Report

This report conducted in 2013 analytically quantifies Lagos ports’ efficiency by traffic and cargo type both internally and vis-à-vis international benchmarks, with poor efficiency scores being recorded in container operations most notably at the landside interface. It examines Lagos port concessions particularly with regards to their activities, size of investments, duration, performance requirements. The analysis shows that there is a need to audit and review the existing concession arrangements and properly plan and design future ones. It provides a summary of recommendations along with an action plan for implementation and improvement. This was done as part of the FCDO (formerly DFID) PDF project Support to the Presidential Committee on Port Reform.

Women and Cross Border Trade

This study conducted by PDF with support from FCDO (formerly DFID) shows that women who engaged in cross border trade contribute to food security by trading food products from areas of surplus to areas of deficit. The paper reveals that depending on how this trade is organized, these women have the potential to contribute significantly to household earnings and resources. This empowers women by giving them financial independence and control of their own resources.